Super Matte Black
Art director and illustrator based out of Harlem in New York City. Specializing in social video, product photography, and flat animation.

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and bewitchingly inventive.

Art Direction, Design, and Illustration


Mathew Mackenzie

I traded in palm trees for skyscrapers making the move from Southern California to New York. I'm a risk taker and find that the highest rewards come from the rarest of places. I usually take the road less traveled to set myself apart from others and to allow myself the pleasure of the unexpected.

I value creative that feels human and that evokes an effortless beauty;  work that carries truth but also idealism.  I’m interested in the complete creative process –following ideas from scribbled notes and drawings to photo shoots and final edits.  My background is in the studio arts –painting, drawing, sculpting.  I approach things differently than most of my contemporaries because I understand color, light, movement, and composition differently.

I believe that good work must have strong strategy and be conceptually sound at its foundation.  I make things with intent and course-correct work into the light of function and reason while using form and finesse as tools to get there.